Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

We are proud of our teachers and staff longevity, with our ten-year average tenure. Country Montessori School strongly supports staff development and promotion from within. 

As a certified Montessori School, our teachers must also be formally trained. We sponsor the majority of our teaching staff to obtain the necessary credentials. 

Montessori Teaching Credentials

Teachers receive their Montessori teaching credentials from a Montessori Accredited Center of Teaching Education organization such as AMS (American Montessori Society) or AMI (American Montessori Internationale).

Montessori teachers study a rigorous curriculum of child development and Montessori philosophy. AMS Montessori credentialing requires a 9-month practicum and a series of written and oral exams. A Montessori-credentialed teacher is trained to recognize a child’s readiness according to age, ability, and interest in a specific lesson and is prepared to guide individual progress. 

All lead teachers at Country Montessori School are Montessori-credentialed for their teaching programs. Some of our teachers and Classroom Assistants are in training and completing their practicum under the guidance of an experienced teacher. All elementary teachers must have a minimum college education of a Bachelor’s degree.


The Role Of The Classroom Assistant:

Classroom assistants support the teacher and children. CMS Classroom Assistants are viewed as an extension of the teaching team. In addition to providing classroom management, they observe, help and prepare the classroom. If the assistant is in their practicum year of earning Montessori credentials, they will give children lessons under the guidance and observation of a lead teacher. Otherwise, assistants do not provide children with lessons. Their responsibility is to ensure the classroom is a child-friendly, prepared environment.

The internal community is a collaborative and cohesive team who shares a passion for the Montessori philosophy. Our credentialed Montessori teachers work with each child individually and in small groups, fostering competence and independent learning.

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