Welcome Back, CMS Families!

First Week of School

What a successful first week CMS had!  All the classrooms were busy with students getting back into their routine and socializing with their peers.


Montessori Monday quote “ The senses being explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge”  Dr. Maria Montessori


PTC Meet and Greet

Thank you to the PTC for hosting a very fun evening last Wednesday!  It was well attended and enjoyed by all.


Dates Coming Up

  • Pre-Ordered lunches start-Monday, August 27
  • Labor Day, No School-Monday, September 3, Child Care not offered
  • The Montessori Journey-Friday, September 7, 6:00-8:00 PM
  • Grandparents Day-Wednesday, September 12, 3:00-4:00 PM (This special time is a wonderful opportunity for our students to show their grandparents what special work they are doing in the classroom).Country Montessori School

The Montessori Journey-Friday, September 7, 6:00-8:00 PM, Child Care available

The Journey has been designed so that participants can discover answers to their questions about the Montessori curriculum and principles.  It has been modeled on Dr. Maria Montessori’s Three Period Lesson where first a concept is presented, then it is internalized through practice, and finally it is synthesized into full understanding and abstraction. This is for adults only and is a required event for all new parents.  Child care is offered.  Please let Jose know if you will be attending and if you will need child care by emailing him atjoseb@countrymontessori.org.


Morning and Afternoon Child Care

Beginning Monday, August 27th, the front door to the child care room (Ladybug Classroom) will remain closed and locked during morning and afternoon child care hours as it is during the school day.  We are making every effort to enhance our campus security/safety.


Please ring the doorbell that is to the right of the door and a faculty member will open it for you.  Our intent is to have your student ready for you to pick up and to assist with making the process more efficient, in addition we now have the sign in/out computers available in the entrance.  We appreciate your understanding and support and please contact us if you have questions.


CMS Online Web Store

  • Store will be open until Wednesday, September 12
  • Student official white school shirts are available as well as sweatshirts
  • http://cms.deco-schools.com/


Visitors-If you are on campus please stop by the office to sign in and get a visitor badge



  • Please make a right hand turn out of the driveway
  • Please do not back up when you are in the arrival/ dismissal process
  • Please wait to be moved forward in the driveway


After School Classes

Our wonderful after school classes will be starting on Tuesday September 4th.

Here are the classes that are available:


Mondays: Art, Dance to Evolve, Basketball, Lego Robotics

Tuesday: Chess, Endangered Rangers

Wednesday: Baton (confirming), ThoughtSTEM

Thursday: Ooey Gooey Science, Playball

Friday: Yoga

Country Montessori School

Sign up forms/ flyers for each after school class are available on RenWeb.  Simply log into your account and from home page click on Resource Documents.  Scroll through the list of documents to find the flyer you want.


Montessori at Home for Early Childhood -Create an Ordered Environment

Having a place for everything, on a child-friendly scale, encourages both independence and self-discipline.  Children know where to find what they need, and where to put it when they are done.  An ordered environment also has fewer distractions, allowing children to focus on the task at hand.


To make things accessible to your young child:


·        Provide low shelves or drawers for clothing; lower the rod in the bedroom closet.

·        Keep a small step stool in the bathroom and kitchen so your child can reach the sink.

·        Arrange toys and games on low open shelves with a particular place for each. Sort smaller items into trays or baskets by category, such as puzzles, art supplies, and blocks.

·        Put healthy snacks and foods on a low pantry shelf so your child can help himself.

·        Pour drinks into small, manageable pitchers placed on a low refrigerator shelf. Keep cups within your child’s reach—along with a sponge to clean up spills.

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