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Early Childhood to Elementary

The goal at Country Montessori School is to make the transition from level to level as seamless and successful for all of our students. The Early Childhood (Preschool and Kindergarten) program has a very specific curriculum that spans over a three year cycle.

Student’s lesson plans are based on their developmental stage, age, capability and interest. The child progresses through the curriculum at his own pace and has the opportunity to be challenged. All lesson plans are prepared on an individual basis. There is a minimum expectation for children to meet by the time they leave the Early Childhood program as a Kindergartner in order to begin the first level.

Ms. Corrales, the teachers and staff at Country Montessori truly foster an environment for learning and community. The school has great Montessori materials, lessons and parent education. They take the time to teach each student at their skill level helping them progress to their potential.

My son’s teachers provided constant feedback regarding his progress and made helpful suggestions for improving his learning. Additionally, Ms. Corrales has an open door policy and is always available to respond and address concerns. The Office staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.

I highly recommend this school and group of passionate educators. They were committed to my son’s needs and success. They have made a lasting impact in my son’s life and provided a solid educational foundation.

Charlene D. Gilliam

parent of Lennox Gilliam, Bumble Bees student 2015