CMS Sweatshirts


We are excited to bring you our SCHOOL SWEATSHIRTS!! They are now available for sale along with the school T-shirts in case you have not yet purchased yours, or would like another one.  As a reminder, they are not mandatory but are a great way to show your school spirit during the winter months.


We are continuing to use our online ordering process to help streamline things.  The steps are easy as 1-2-3.


1) Follow this link to the site:


2) Click on the items you want to purchase


3) Pay directly through the site by Sunday, December 4th


That’s it! And then your T-shirts will delivered directly to your child’s classroom after the winter break.


Even if you have already purchased a T-shirt, please check out the website since we have added a new dark green T-shirt for women.


The next opportunity to order will be in the Spring (March) and include more spirit items like hats and possible lightweight backpacks.

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