Global Citizenship

5th level students have taken on the challenge of researching options for our Global Citizen project and have worked very hard on it since the beginning of the school year.  They narrowed their choices of organizations down to 3 they felt were important.  They are the Wild Life Fund, Stop Hunger Now and Save the Trees.  On February 26th the students did an amazing job presenting these organizations that they felt were worthy of CMS’s support to their peers, lower elementary students and our early childhood children.  We now need your assistance in helping us decide which charity organization we will be supporting.

You can do this by please watching the 3 attached videos with your children. Once you have made a decision as a family click on the link down below and place your vote for the ONE charity organization that you feel CMS should adopt.  Each family is allowed one vote.  We hope that we get full participation by all of our families.

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