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The Owls students, 4th and 5th level, wrote a paragraph to the prompt

 “I like my school because…….            Here is a selection of their unedited comments 

  • I like PE and art
  • I like to go on the field trips
  • I meet all my friends here and I get to see them every day
  • I can do harder and harder math
  • I have the freedom to move around the classroom
  • I like all the group work and projects
  • I like all the super nice teachers who are always there to help me
  • I like it because they don’t allow bullying
  • I like the events like the Halloween carnival
  • I like doing the science experiments
  • I like being respectful to others
  • I like it because I feel safe
  • I like that my friends always have my back
  • I like that we get one on one attention
  • I like that I can choose where to sit
  • I like to use the materials
  • I like that I can work at my own pace
  • I left when I was 5 but that was a mistake and I came back in 3rd level
  • I like being creative in the art class
  • I like that there are things to touch and not just book learning
  • I did not like math at other schools but I like it here
  • I like that the work is challenging but not frustrating
  • I like this school and I don’t want to leave