Welcome Parents!

Country Montessori has a strong history of positive parent involvement. Our parents association, the PTC, supports the school through family social events, parent education, and fundraising.

We believe parent participation is vital to the success of the children’s education. 

At Country Montessori School, we strive to create a program empowering parents to understand the basics of Montessori philosophy. In true tradition, we work with parents to integrate Montessori practices at home and in parenting.

Country Montessori School provides many opportunities for parent education. Some examples include:

  • Montessori Journey, an innovative parent workshop simulating a Montessori classroom.
  • Parent Education Program including guest speakers on topics of child development.
  • Mother’s Nights and Father’s nights events
  • Classroom Observation sessions
  • Our Parent-Teacher Committee (PTC) supports the school through family social events and parent education. Trust and mutual respect are the two most essential factors in the Parent and CMS partnership. Together, staff, parents, and children become a community of learners.
  • Parent Involvement: In the application form, parents are asked to read the Parent Handbook and sign that they agree to an annual service hours commitment. There are many opportunities to meet individual and family needs.

Calendar 2023-2024

Parent Handbook

Important links for parents:

  • Calendar
  • Parent handbook
  • PTC handbook
    • CMS PTC Handbook
    • CMS PTC Bylaws
  • School IPM Plan
  • Read School IPM Plan here
  • RenWeb – Students’ progress and school communications are primarily handled through RenWeb.
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