Tuition & Admissions

All you need to know about tuition and admission for Country Montessori School in Poway.


Early Childhood (Preschool and Kindergarten) Program requirements:

  • Preschool: at least two years, six months by September 1 of the school year, and must be toilet-trained.
  • Kindergarten: must be five years old by September 1 of the school year.

Elementary Program requirements: 

  • Must be at least six years old by September 1.
  • Can write their name and numbers.
  • Able to verbalize their needs.
  • Children respect classroom rules and relate positively to peers and adults.
  • Can read phonetically and recognize words.
  • Able to concentrate and complete tasks.
  • Children can take direction from an adult.
  • Children make work choices independently.

*In addition to the above criteria, prospective 1st through 5th level elementary students from outside of Country Montessori must:

  • Submit student evaluations.
  • Be assessed for their aptitude to benefit positively from the program.
  • Have student and parent interviews with appropriate classroom teachers and the Head of School.

Our Acceptance Process

Applications are accepted and prioritized in the following order:

  • Current CMS students whose enrollment contract and payment of fees are received by an established re-enrollment deadline.
  • Siblings of current CMS students whose enrollment contract and payment of fees are received by an established re-enrollment deadline. If selecting 1st level must have been in Kindergarten at CMS.
  • New students with a Montessori background whose ages will achieve balanced age groups and levels in the classrooms. This includes siblings enrolling from other Montessori Kindergarten programs.
  • New students with a commitment to the three-year cycle.


Payments: The financial responsibility of guardians and parents is detailed in the enrollment contract. Once the enrollment contract is signed online, the payment of the Non Refundable enrollment fee and the 1st installment of tuition means that a place is secured for your child for the school year. The tuition balance is paid in installments by ACH (Automated Clearing House) or by check on the fifth of the month.

Sibling Discount: A sibling discount of 10% for the second child, 15% for the third child, and 20% for the fourth child will be subtracted from the tuition of the second and subsequent children. This discount does not apply to childcare or summer camps.

Absences: Tuition is an annual amount divided by 10 in line with the 10-month academic year. Therefore, as school expenses remain unaffected by absence, no tuition allowances will be made for an absence caused by illness, vacation, or other reasons. Tuition payment is required, regardless of absence for an extended period.

Student withdrawals: If a family decides to withdraw their child from CMS, the notification must be made to the school in writing on the last day of attendance. No refund will be made if payment has already been made for that period. Parents must make total payments if the leaving date is in the next payment period.

Student Withdrawals

In the event a student withdraws from CMS before the end of the Academic year, the parent and/or guardian must provide written notice 30 days prior to the date of withdrawal. If the withdrawal date is within the current payment period, then no further payment will be required, and no refund will be made. If the withdrawal date is in the next payment period, then the next installment must be paid on the 5th of the month.

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