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Parent Information

Country Montessori has a strong history of positive parent involvement. Our parents association, the PTC, supports the school through family social events, parent education, and fundraising.




Parental support and involvement are critical to CMS sustaining a high quality Montessori education program. At Country Montessori we seek out and build strong relationships with parents that go beyond a financial convention to create a community of open communication and involvement that benefits our children.

Trust and mutual respect are the two most important factors in the Parent and CMS partnership. Together, staff, parents, and children become a community of learners able and willing to receive and get back.

Parent Handbook

Read the CMS Parenthandbook 2017-18  for extensive information about Country Montessori School.

Parent Teacher Committee Handbook

Read the CMS-PTC-Handbook-2016-2017

Read the CMS PTC Bylaws

School IPM Plan

Read School IPM Plan here

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Parent Education

One of our goals at Country Montessori is to provide excellent parent education. This enables our adult community to understand the basics of Montessori philosophies, our administration of authentic Montessori programs, and to hone in on Montessori practices that support their children at home and through their general parenting efforts.

Country Montessori School provides many opportunities for parent education (including but not limited to)

The Montessori Journey, an innovative parent workshop that simulates a Montessori classroom

  • Mother’s Night and Father’s Night, where your child leads you through their daily activities
  • Classroom observations

Our parent education program also includes guest speakers and topics on child development.



Parent partnership goes beyond parent education. Parents are required to sign that they have received and read the Parent Handbook. This includes information on the Parent Participation Hours. Two-parent families are required to contribute 20 hours per year and one-parent families contribute 10 hours per year. There are a variety of opportunities to meet individual needs both on campus and off.