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Dear CMS Families,

I know we all share in the concern of the Lilac Fire and those affected by it and wish safety to everyone.  It also raises questions about what protocol we follow here at Country Montessori School.  In our history we have had school closures during the 2003 Cedar Fire, 2007 Witch Creek fire, which was very devastating for several of our families and the May 2014 fires in San Marcos.

In emergency situations the immediate safety and well-being of all students and persons in the facility is the priority.  If a wild fire becomes an immediate threat to our area, the school will evacuate immediately in accordance with the evacuation plan (which is in our school wide disaster plan procedures manual and on our web site under password protective) to the deemed safest area.  All evacuation posters are posted in each classroom and office.

When determining if we close the school we follow Poway Unified School District, the Superintendent of San Diego County’s advisory and what we feel is in the safest interest of our students and staff.

Communication during an emergency is key, but keeping in mind our number one priority are the students and staff’s safety.  We will notify you by RenWeb Parent alert where you will receive either a text or voice mail from the school letting you know of school closures or in the event of an immediate evacuation, where to pick your child up for release.  Please make sure your contact information is up to date.  Information will also be posted on our website if access is available.

We all hope that we will never be in this situation but are also realistic that we live in an area that is prone to Santa Ana winds and fires and want to be prepared and want our families to be aware of the protocol.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,