We did it!!

Our Change for Change Fundraiser benefitting the World Wildlife Fund has come to an end, and thanks to the generosity of all of our children and families, we collected a grand total of $1,708.91!  Congratulations again to the Eagles classroom for winning the prized panda this week!  And a special congratulations to the Ladybugs, for collecting the most amount over the duration of the fundraiser!

I know how hard the children worked to earn and collect any spare change to contribute to this cause, and I can not tell you how much joy it brought to my heart to see the excitement on the children’s faces when I would collect the change every week, and their anticipation of winning!  I heard so many animated stories from them about what they did to earn money for the animals, and how much money they brought in that week. We have such a wonderful community here at CMS, and it really shines through when you see the kindness and generosity of all of the children.

A huge thank you to ALL of our classrooms and families for making this fundraiser so successful!  Because the panda bear is so beloved by the students, we will be auctioning it off at the CMS Auction this Saturday. And all of the children will receive a special thank you gift in the coming weeks.

Again, thank you for all of your generosity!


Eagles –          $260.93

Ladybugs –     $160.61

Owls –             $79.54

Bumblebees – $54.19

Dragonflies –   $14.69

Total –            $569.96               


Ladybugs –     $527.77

Eagles –          $409.66

Bumblebees – $332.42

Owls –             $248.65

Dragonflies –   $190.41

Total –          $1,708.91  

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