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This is an At-A-Glance summary of the curriculum and programs provided by CMS. Follow the links for in-depth descriptions of each section.
The child becomes a person through work. -Maria Montessori

Early Childhood (Preschool and Kindergarten)

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Our Early Childhood Education classroom communities (known as the “The Ladybugs,” “The Bumblebees”, “The Dragonflies”) offer a rich variety of opportunities for children to experience freedom within a secure, attractively structured and welcoming environment.

Our son Dillon started the Montessori system at a previous school for roughly one year and although we were happy with his development, it wasn’t until we moved to Rancho Bernardo and enrolled him into Country Montessori did we really see the value in choosing the right school. At 3 years of age, we were amazed at how quickly, yet subtle his personality started to develop, even though he’d already been in the Montessori setting for over 12 months. For example, within the first couple weeks of returning home from school, we noticed a change in his mannerisms; he was less likely to have an outburst and used his hands to request attention by tapping on the person whose attention he sought. Additionally, over the first couple months, we noticed an intense desire to be involved in household chores such as sweeping, moping, cleaning mirrors and feeding the animals. When it came to cooking, we had to purchase a step stool as he demanded to be a part of cracking eggs, mixing batter and chopping vegetables. Now that he’s been with Country for 8 months, as well turned 4, we’ve grown into this new normal where our lives seem to have a sense of order, structure and healthy communication. We are able to gauge this time in his life against our older son who is 11 and did not experience the Montessori, rather a play based preschool and public elementary school system. If I had someone to tell me back then what I have been able to see now, I’d be so grateful for the information as the value is simply worth every penny. We are thrilled to have him at Country Montessori where he has developed incredible interests, shows to have respect for others beyond what is typical for this age and his love for learning is apparent. We would recommend any family who is considering Montessori to visit CMS and are confident they will not consider any other program, it’s far superior to what we have experienced.

Shannon and David Rice: parents of Dillon, Bumblebees

Lower Elementary

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Our elementary program is an extension of our Early Childhood (Preschool and Kindergarten) program. We follow Montessori “Best Practices” and maintain the highest standards of Montessori education while remaining true to its principles and philosophy. The child coming from Early Childhood (Preschool and Kindergarten) to elementary has an especially smooth transition because the materials build upon each other. The materials he/she built a foundation and are present in the lower elementary classroom as well. The materials, the way in which the environments are set up make a wonderful bridge from one level to the other. We also carefully transfer the child’s records from Early Childhood (Preschool and Kindergarten) to Lower Elementary and from Lower to Upper Elementary this includes teachers getting together to talk about the social, emotional and academic needs of the individual children.

It took us a long time to finally decide the elementary school for our daughter Serena. We only have less than few weeks to apply for the school, take the assessment and complete her enrollment. We just want to say thank you so much for everything that you have done to help us make it to CMS. It only took several hours between we submitted the online application and received a phone call from CMS. Sheila, Adela and the whole CMS staff are amazingly efficient! We are also happy that CMS team was working with us to determine Serena’s level before her admission. The individualized assessment is highly appreciated.

So far Serena and us have been part of CMS family for over a month and we are grateful we have been able to find a school that would help us focus on the basics of our child’s education. CMS is wonderful and Serena really enjoys going there. CMS is a school where the teacher really cares about the students and the small class size really helps the teacher to know each student and what they need scholastically.

Thank you again for helping our child and welcoming us into your family.

Lisa and Michael: parents of Serena, Eagles

Upper Elementary

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Using the ideas of Maria Montessori, Upper Elementary teachers at Country Montessori School prepare a curriculum and learning environment that invites each student to become an active participant in his or her own learning process. The transition from Lower Elementary to Middle School is a time of great change for Upper Elementary students as they move from the concrete world of their earlier years to the threshold of abstract thinking found in the older classrooms.

Moving on from Country Montessori School

Country Montessori School has a stated mission of maintaining its leadership in Montessori education, where educators and parents are required to foster independent, confident, academically prepared, and socially responsible citizens, who will be lifelong learners and problem solvers. Our students leave CMS prepared to enter traditional and other private school environments.

We provide parent referrals, information about local and private schools as well as moral support in finding the right school for our students when they graduate from Country Montessori School.

My husband and I made a big change for our 4th grader last year and decided that we would pull him from a Poway public school (Spanish immersion) and put him into Poway Country Montessori. My son has a soccer mate who attends the Montessori and their family has raved about it. After a lot of contemplating, we enrolled him. Now as a 5th grader, he has been attending the school for a little over a month and already the quality of work produced by him, his confidence level and his love of learning has increased by 100%. What is the biggest difference between Montessori and public school? To summarize:


  1. the class size and student to teacher ratio is A LOT smaller. Nothing and no one “falls through the cracks”.
  2. The child is made accountable for both their schoolwork and their behavior. Everything is corrected and looked at and the progress is closely logged FOR EVERYONE whether you are high or low academically. Work is explained/redone if they need more help with something.
  3. The children are more confident and the student environment is very positive because the kids are happy and stimulated.
  4. The children are eager to learn and develop a love of learning because they can work at their own pace.
  5. The environment is very hands on and conducive to a typical boy who needs to move and learns tactilely. All lessons are done on the floor with a group of NO MORE than 7 other children.

Most importantly though for me is my son and his attitude about school. We would leave his old school almost daily with him feeling angry, competitive, “bored all day” and not wanting to go back. Homework was a BATTLE. He hated school. Now he comes home happy, confident and eager to share with me all the cool things he learns in class every day. He says it is like going to camp every day and the time flies by. I personally feel that it was an excellent move for him and I feel confident that he will be ready to be put back into public Middle School next year. I can’t wait to see what the next 8+ months bring for him!

The Barnes: parents of Evan, Owls

Enrichment Classes


Technology teacher in the computer lab equipped with 12 HP Envy computers

art - materials

Art teacher with Elementary students in the outdoor classroom

Art, Computer, Physical Education

Spanish, and Music

Visit our Enrichmment page.

After-school Classes

after school class - legos

After school classes include Lego Building

There are many after school extra curricular classes available at Country Montessori School. These are taught by outside sources or by CMS teachers. They begin after school hours and are completely independent of Country Montessori. Currently Baton, Cooking, Art, Endangered Rangers, Lego Robotics, Playball Sports, Yoga and Ooey Gooey Science are available.  The instructors that offer all of these programs are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. All classes are held on the CMS campus.


Country Montessori School

CMS community volunteering at San Diego Food Bank

Country Montessori School has several local outreach programs. Our Upper Elementary students have an established inter-generational relationship with Sunshine Care, a local assisted living facility. They take monthly visits to the facility where they actively engage with residents. They also do a local trash pickup on Monte Vista Rd in front of the school. On a wider scale the school as a whole participates in outreach programs such as volunteering for Feeding San Diego and participating in an annual Beach Cleanup in Fall or Spring. We are always on the lookout for ways to reach out to the community, both locally and to others on a global scale.

Summer Program

children - summer camp

Children enjoy dressing up in 50 s gear at summer camp

Summer brings out fun camps at CMS! Each week is a different theme which lets children explore an interest or develop a new skill. All camps include arts and crafts and lots of hands on learning. Camps are led by CMS staff who are all experienced educators. Children can be enrolled for each week individually. Half day and full day camps are available. Children should bring lunch. There is also time to play in Country Montessori School’s large playgrounds. The 3-acre campus in Poway provides a peaceful and secure environment. Childcare is available both before and after camp. Cricket Camp is for 2.5 year olds through to Kindergarten age and Kookaburra Camp