Admin Corner Jan. 24th, 2020

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Admin Corner

January 24, 2020

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Produced and edited by River Gailey

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.”


Upcoming Dates/Events:

  • Picture Day (Early Childhood) Feb. 3
  • Picture Day (Elementary/ Siblings) Feb. 4
  • Father’s Night-LB 2/4, BB 2/5,DF 2/6
  • President’s Week – No School / Childcare May be Available Feb. 18-20
  • Moving Up Education Night-Thursday, February 27th 6-8, Child Care available-More information to come


Lunch Ordering is Open Until February 7th

It is once again time to sign up for hot lunches if you wish to receive or continue receiving lunch delivery.  Please place your order at your earliest convenience to ensure your orders are submitted.  Lunch ordering will close on February 7th. 

Lunches must be ordered a minimum of 1 week prior to be included in the following week’s lunch order. This is to ensure that we have time to process order and submit to our vendor.

The daily lunch menu is listed across multiple weeks.  ONLY add a single item on a single week to sign up.  Lunch orders are set for January through June.

Please reach out if you have questions or need assistance

Directions to Order Lunch from Parents Web

Sign into ParentsWeb

From home page select Student Information

Select Lunch

Click Create Web Order

List of lunch options will display starting on 12/11 (this is to allow ordering, lunches begin on January 13th).

Select lunch you want by inputting 1 for quantity for the item you want

  • Only order one item per day of week


Bottom of page will show the total for all lunch items order

Once all you lunch selections are made click Order Items

Lunch Orders are paid at the time of placing the order.  Your lunch order is not completed until the electronic bank transfer payment is processed.

Maternity Leave for Tracy Rendon and Alaina Beadette

We are excited for our teachers and will miss them during their maternity leave. When Ms. Rendon goes out, she will return to CMS for the 2020-21 school year in August. During her leave Chiqui Allen, a former CMS teacher will be her replacement.  Chiqui worked for CMS for a few years until she had her son who is now three and will also be joining CMS.  

Ms. Beuadette will be on leave for six weeks and will return in March.  Ms. Kahn, a long time CMS substitute and Montessori teacher will cover for her during her leave.  The children all know her very well.   

President’s Week

CMS will be closed for President’s Week Monday February 17th through Friday February 21st.  Child care is available on Tuesday Feb. 18th, Wednesday Feb. 19th, and Thursday Feb 20th. If you would like to sign up please email Susan Kolle to inform her which days you would like and if you need half-day (less than 5 hours – $25) or full day (over 5 hours – $45).  

A Child’s Perspective-Team Building Activity-Peace Education-Written by River Gailey

The Eagles have regular community team building meetings and exercises.  Ms. Dukes recently did a very special one that we want to share. She took two apples out of the same bag that looked almost identical, and had the kids talk to them. With the first apple she had the kids say mean, hurtful things to the apple like your stem is ugly, you’re so horrible, I don’t like your awful colors, but to the other apple they said kind loving things such as your so crisp, you so beautiful, and your colors are amazing.  After all the kids got a chance to comment on the apple, she cut them open. In the one they said bad things to it was all brown, but in the one they said nice things to, it was crisp and juicy. This taught the kids that if you say something mean, the other person might not show it but on the inside it really did make them feel bad. 

Traffic Reminders

Please remember the following during arrivals and dismissals:

  • Turn right onto Monte Vista Road when exiting the driveway
  • The elementary curb drop can be used for early childhood siblings, but please remember to sign them in at the crosswalk



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