Admin Corner March 17, 2020

Country Montessori School

Admin Corner

March 17, 2020

Country Montessori School

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” Dr. Maria Montessori

Dear CMS Families,

We hope that all of our families and students are doing well and are healthy.  I want to thank everyone in our community for your patience and understanding and we know this crisis affects not only CMS but all of you as well and are very sensitive to that.    

The teachers and staff have been working on preparing your students lessons, work to be picked up and planning to ensure that all of our students are able to continue to progress in their education.  This has been deliberately thought out and has required a different approach.  We are trying to keep it as close as we can to the Montessori approach but going virtual has made us prepare work in a different way.  

Our virtual instruction will need the assistance of parent involvement at home and we are extremely grateful for you partnering in this with us during these challenging times.   We will be utilizing Google Classroom and Zoom to provide access to virtual lessons/ instruction.  

Enrichment classes such as Spanish, music, PE, elementary computer and elementary art will all have regularly posted videos.  The enrichment class schedules will follow the regular scheduled days.  Your classroom teachers will be in regular communication with you and will provide you a daily schedule, be there to answer questions, and give guidance on assignments and work.  Your students will have live and video lessons, as well as written work.  

Our Early Childhood teachers are providing instruction on Montessori lessons/academics, guided writing, reading groups, yoga/Peace Education, line times, recess/gross motor activities, Montessori at home, special line times such as science, engineering, baking, cooking, art, and artists. Additionally, they will have daily check ins via email.  

Our elementary teachers have prepared all of their regular academic and cultural lessons, assignments, homework and sent home materials to be used while home.  They will be doing check ins and in daily contact with their families and students.  

Google Classroom

We are creating Gmail accounts for every student using the format of

These student email accounts will be available as of 8:15 am on Wednesday, March 18th. 

To access your classroom lessons simply log into Gmail and sign in – example: Username:

From the top right hand menu select Google Apps, then select Classroom         

This will open your Google Classrooms.  From here you can access assignments and videos lessons.  

Live classroom lessons and line times will also be available via Zoom, which will be accessed through a provided link on the Classwork tab of your google classroom classes.  All teachers will be providing a schedule so you know when live lessons are taking place.  If you miss a live lesson, the video will be made available shortly after on the Classwork tab.

We know that you will have questions as everyone gets familiar with navigating Google Classroom.  If you have any questions or need assistance with Google Classroom, reach out to Jose Bolanos

Throughout this process if you have any questions please reach out, we are all here to help.


The CMS Family


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